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‘CG 아닌 5G’ 평창하늘에 수놓은 1218개의 드론 오륜기

Culture/Art & Entertainment Written on 2018. 2. 12. 09:10

[평창동계올림픽 개막식] 전세계를 놀라게 만든 평창동계올림픽 개막식의 드론 오륜기. 비둘기 풍선이 날아간 하늘에는 대기 중인 드론이 평창 하늘을 오륜기로 수놓았다. (SBSTV Jobs)

Experience the Team in Flight at PyeongChang 2018
[Intel] The setting? PyeongChang, South Korea in freezing cold temperatures. The goal? Fly over 1200 Intel Shooting Star drones for a record-breaking performance. Follow the drone team’s journey to the Opening Ceremony and the first flight of its kind. For more info on the tech, head to intel.com/Olympics/drones

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