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[ESA] LISA Pathfinder results

SciTech/Science Written on 2016.06.09 12:07

Launched in December 2015, LISA Pathfinder travelled to its operational orbit, 1.5 million km from earth towards the Sun, where it started its scientific mission on 1 March. At the core of the spacecraft, two identical gold-platinum cubes, are being held in the most precise free-fall ever produced in space.

Placing the test masses in a motion subject only to gravity is the challenging condition needed to build and operate a future space mission to observe gravitational waves. Predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago, gravitational waves are fluctuations in the fabric of space-time, which were recently detected directly for the first time by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. ▶LISA Pathfinder exceeds expectations (ESA)

ESA ‘리사 패스파인더’ 기술검증 발표 "우주공간에서 중력파 탐지 가능하다" (동아사이언스)

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