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Tiananmen Square 25 years later

News/World News Written on 2014.06.04 20:32

China tries to erase Tiananmen history
David McKenzie reports on what's remembered and what's forgotten 25 years after demonstrators were crushed in Tiananmen. (CNN)

[중국 천안문 사태 25주년 관련기사]
Twenty-five years later, Tiananmen Square no less taboo for China's censors (CNN)
Wary China keeps close watch as Tiananmen anniversary arrives (Reuters)
'천안문' 통제 삼엄..中 민주주의 시계는 그대로 (SBS)
광장도 온라인도…중국 공안 ‘봉쇄’ 수준 삼엄한 경계 (한겨레)

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