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10 Things You Didn't Know About Adolf Hitler

Culture/Lifestyle Written on 2013.08.15 14:26

10 Things You Didn't Know About Adolf Hitler

He may be one of the cruelest men of the century, but read on to find out how truly twisted he really was in 10 things you didn't know about Adolf Hitler.

10. Hitler suffered from hepatitis and gastrointestinal cramps.
 9. Hitler ate up to 2lbs of chocolate a day.
 8. Hitler was told by close friend Ernst Hanfstaengl.
 7. Hitler obsessed over his Niece.
 6. Hitler's doctor supplied him with a large amount of drugs.
 5. The famous 'Sieg Heil' was based on Harvard Football Chants.
 4. Hitler wouldn't undress, even for medical examinations.
 3. As a teenager Hitler became obsessed with a young jewish girl.
 2. Hitler had his Doctor inject him with testosterone.
 1. Hitler had a hand in the first blow up sex dolls.

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